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Your Essential Checklist for a Stress-free Move  


Signing the mortgage agreement on your dream home in Hamilton County may seem like the end of a long and oftentimes grueling home search. However, you’re not finished just yet – you’ve got to pack up, move out, and move in. With all of your friends and relatives mysteriously busy when you ask them to lend a hand (imagine that!), you might wind up having to do the lion’s share of the move on your own. But, don’t worry. It doesn’t have to be stressful if approached with a clear head and some pre-planning.


First off, What Do You Really Need to Bring?


Two months before your move-in day (yes, two months – give yourself plenty of time to work with!), take a look through your house. Consider all of those clothes, furniture pieces, and electronics that you have considered selling or donating in the past. Now is the perfect time to do just that, or else you’re going to wind up investing time and money into moving possessions that you don’t really want – and in these modern times, you’ve got to think beyond the garage sale if you really want to move items.


Food and other perishables (unopened and not expired) are great items to donate to homeless shelters. Clothes are best donated to institutions like Goodwill, as they often take some time to move on web sales sites like Craigslist. Furniture and electronics, however, are prime merchandise on these sites. If you’re interested in just giving something away, all the better – post on any of the Craigslist boards for Hamilton County cities that you’ve got, say, a couch on your curb that’s free for the taking, and you can bet on that couch not being there for more than a few hours.


Remember: if you don’t get rid of these items now, you’re going to wind up having to drag them along with you!


Get Your Records in Order Beforehand


You’ll have to let more than just the mailman know that you’re moving house. Send out notifications well before your move, to make sure everything’s in order when it actually happens. Forwarding your mail is only the first step – make sure to notify your bank, your job’s HR department, your doctor, your children’s school, and so on. These changes of address can often take some time to process through bulky databases, so the earlier, the better.


Now is also the prime time for you to get services set up at your new place, and also, to get services shut off at your old – you don’t want to be paying double. Get water, electricity, and internet scheduled to be turned on several days before your move-in date, to get yourself a few steps ahead of the dropped and late appointments that are so common with the industry.


Researching and Choosing Moving Companies


Don’t just choose the first moving company that comes up in a Google search – you’ll regret it later. Do your research, and get an in-home estimate from at least three licensed moving companies. Often, friends, family, and your real estate agent themselves can offer recommendations, but never sign on with a moving company that you have not researched personally. Get all the facts first – whether they offer storage, whether they are licensed for Indiana state, how much experience their employees have – and you’ll have the information you need to make a truly informed decision.


You’ll also want to do some preparation on your own end before the movers even begin to pull in the driveway. Head to your new place and start taking measurements, to ensure bulky pieces of furniture can fit through doors easily – you don’t want your movers wasting time struggling to get things through the door the day of, when you could have researched alternate entry routes or broken down the furniture beforehand. Additionally, take detailed notes and even pictures of valuable furniture and electronic pieces, to further insure against damage. While mover’s insurance is a must-buy for anyone with valuable pieces, it usually only applies to what the movers have moved themselves, and what can be proved damaged. Keeping your own records well in advance is vital.


Different Strategies for Different Items


Not all possessions are created equal, and one packing strategy that’s foolproof for your furniture will leave your fine china in pieces if you try to apply it there. The inimitable Martha Stewart has helpful checklists for easy printing that will keep everything from your household goods to your dishware in pristine order.


Once your moving day is over and done with, don’t write off the importance of asking a drab to fab real estate agent or interior designer for tips on making your new home truly shine. They can provide essential advice and expert strategies on making a new house purchase a home that can flourish for years to come.