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Stylish Alternatives to Bland Florals in Your Spring Home Design


“Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.”


So said the divine Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada, and the biting remark rings true in home design just as much as it does in the world of high fashion. Loud, bold prints are all the rage in 2015, and despite the freedom this canvas grants to designers and decorators, many simply cannot give up the bland safety that florals offer. While florals can add a note of delicate elegance to any room, they are all too common in home design. There are many other unique ways to bring in a note of spring, and if you want your Hamilton County home to truly stand out to buyers, you and your drab to fab real estate agent should consider the alternatives when staging.


Unique and Modern Patterns, in Classic Colors


Cutting-edge style in 2015 is all about dynamic, bold patterns, and adapting them for your home’s spring style is a snap with an application of a classic pastel palette. Use bold paisley or sleek houndstooth as the patterns for your furniture statement pieces, and apply a classic robin egg blue or duckling yellow to complete the spring aesthetic. For a more traditional country-style home, gingham can come from the runways of NYC and Paris to your living room. The modern pattern will keep the room from looking bland and washed-out, and the classic colors will soften the pattern’s harshness to complete the sweet spring appeal.


Shaping Some Spring Style


Spring geometry doesn’t begin and end with the petal. There are many other ways to evoke the spring feeling without floral shapes even entering the equation. Take a note from Easter eggs and add polka dot patterns to a room for a note of fun and charm, and for more sophistication, take a page from spring shoots and go for vertical stripes. Using these patterns with pastel palettes can bring in the spring feeling you’re looking for without having to plaster florals across every surface.


Can’t Give Up that Flora?


If your personal spring style just isn’t complete without some petals, consider ways to modernize and personalize. Dried and pressed floral artwork can make an excellent conversation piece to fill a blank wall, and elegant, flowing draped fabric can evoke the feel of flora without having to blanket your house in pansies. And, groundbreaking or no, there’s simply nothing that says spring quite like some freshly-arranged bouquets on tables and windowsills – keeping your true floral accents to a few choice pieces can truly maximize their impact, and help you avoid the piercing stare of Miranda Priestly. Bring spring in and maximize your home’s curb appeal at the same time by starting up a personal garden. Matching your home’s florals to your yard’s flora will truly bring your aesthetic together.


When looking to style and stage your home for sale in Hamilton County, ask a drab to fab real estate agent – their styling know-how will help you stand out in the market, and bring out your home’s personal character for any season. You won’t regret it.