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Spring Living Room Style – Hot or Not in Hamilton County

Spring Living Room Style – Hot or Not in Hamilton County


It’s been a long, long winter for Hamilton County, and with spring right around the corner (or rather, trying its best to round the corner, with winter blocking it with petulant determination), updating your living room’s style to ring in the season is in order. That may be easier said than done, however – what’s really hot this season when it comes to interior style? While the desire for spring cleaning is there, your ideas may not be, so let’s take a cue from what’s hot in spring 2015.


From Catwalk to Chaise Lounge – Inspiration from the Runway


Taking inspiration from the high fashion of New York and Paris is nothing new in the world of interior design, but that’s because the system just works. The high-speed fashion world will help you break away from the generic pastel and floral palette of everyday spring style, and will give your home a unique and modern style that nothing else can.


Cobalt blues and ochre yellows are hot picks in spring 2015 fashion, and these bright, exciting hues will shake off the winter blues in your living room just as well as they will walking down the Manhattan streets. Skip out on the duckling yellows and robin egg blues of everyday spring colors, and push your style a step beyond. Don’t settle for plain solid prints – loose geometric designs and graphic prints still are rocking the fashion and design world, and won’t be stopping any time soon. If you’re artistically-minded, don’t discount the idea of drawing up some original designs for your throw pillows and rugs – many websites and retailers offer affordable, easy access to silkscreening and printing for all your personalized design needs. Remember to save these bold printed pieces as design statements, rather than bedecking your entire space with them. Your personal style will get lost in all the noise.


Marsala Is the Color of the Year…but Is It Still Fresh?


The Pantone Color Institute named Marsala its color of the year for 2015, so it’s no surprise that you’ve seen its rich red-brown hue on everything from high fashion to beauty products, from jewelry and accessories to interior design. Inspired by the Italian wine of the same name, it brings to mind the same feelings of rich, warm luxury, and it’s no real surprise that its color has permutated the design world so thoroughly. However, while 2015 is only a few months old, slathering your interior with Marsala hues may soon be seen as old hat. As such, you may wish to use it only in statement pieces, rather than as the theme of your room. Pair a few Marsala chairs and couches with white walls and dark wood furniture to keep this now-hot color from overpowering your room and becoming stale as 2015 wears on. And remember – while Pantone may say one thing, introducing a hot color that nonetheless clashes with the rest of your home’s aesthetic accomplishes nothing but confusing your style. Take a look at what others have done with this season’s colors, and branch out in your own direction.


When revamping your style for this spring, think bold and fresh, and you’ll have an out-of-the-box style that will make your home truly stand out. Any drab to fab interior decorator can help you stay on top of the newest trends in any neighborhood.