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How Your Home’s Wall Colors Are Affecting Its Chances on the Real Estate Market


So many variables go into your home’s chances on the real estate market, and have a huge effect on how quickly and for how much your home will sell. Some variables, such as location, can’t be changed, but you have the power to change your chances for the better in nearly every other realm – especially when you’ve got a solid drab-to-fab staging agent on your side.


When considering your staging options, you may be tempted to direct your attention to the more spectacular makeover options: renovated bathrooms and kitchens, revamped furniture, and outdoor beautification. But, no makeover can even begin without considering your home’s current wall color scheme. The colors of each room of your home will say a lot to buyers, and you want to make sure it’s saying the right things.


Neutrals, Nudes, and More


Interior design and staging experts generally agree that neutral wall colors are best if you wish to appeal to the greatest amount of buyers. They provide a quiet background for the rest of your design, and will allow the rest of the room to speak without being overpowered. These colors are quite easy to pair with nearly any shade, allowing your available choices of furniture and other décor to expand tremendously. Light neutrals and whites can also serve to expand a smaller or cramped room: paler colors serve to trick the eye into perceiving more space. If you want to play it safe with your home’s color design, neutrals and whites are a solid, reliable choice, and will rarely steer you wrong – they are especially good choices for bathrooms and kitchens; two rooms which buyers commonly consider must-sees.


Where Wild Colors Can Work


While neutrals and whites work, when it comes to certain designing dreams and style goals, they simply aren’t colorful enough. Less generic colors are simply a must if you’re looking to give a room a certain amount of energy, and can make staging setups come to life when your buyers step through the door. When choosing bold colors, stick to the warmer side of the palette: wine reds, navy blues, and deep greens give visual interest, and are flexible enough to work with a variety of furniture styles. If a room in your home has a more divisive or hard-to-work-with color, such as pinks or yellows, you may wish to consider repainting to a more adaptable shade to expand your other design options.


Is Wallpaper Past Its Prime?


When discussing the matter of wall colors, leaving out wallpapers would be disingenuous. Wallpaper will always have a place in home design: with geometric patterns and designs a hot choice in interior design today, wallpapers and other wall art will allow you to give your home a modern, stylish appeal. However, when you’re trying to sell a home, wallpapers are often a risky choice. If a prospective homebuyer dislikes a room’s color, they know that all it will take is a weekend afternoon with paint rollers to get it to a shade of their liking – when it comes to wallpaper, it’s far more of a mess, and has far more potential for wall damage, than many buyers care to get themselves into, especially when there are other homes on the market for them to consider instead. If a room in your house has wallpaper that strays too far from a neutral or modern style ideal, you may wish to take its removal into your own hands before putting your home up on the market.


Get Hamilton County home buyers beating down your door with a complete color makeover. Ask a drab-to-fab staging agent today and get started on beautifying your home’s color palette, and improving your returns on the real estate market.