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3 Tips to Keep Your Garden Looking Green During the Summer Heat

Summer is upon Hamilton County, and with long days and sunlight comes heat and dryness. While you may be able to work on your home’s interior unperturbed by the weather, your lawn and garden don’t have those same climate-controlled amenities – and as summer goes on, they often come out looking much worse for the wear, affecting your home’s curb appeal drastically. You’ve got to take the appropriate precautions to keep your summer garden looking great when you’re looking to sell, and luckily, all it takes are a few simple steps.


Don’t Kill Your Water Bill – Go Green the Whole Way


A thirsty garden needs water, and can very easily suck your wallet dry when it comes to your water bill. However, you can keep yourself and your lawn in the green by going green yourself. Take advantage of government rebates by purchasing EnergyStar-approved watering implements – not only will you get a healthy check from the government as thanks, but you’ll find that your water bill will decrease in turn. Don’t be afraid to go the whole hog and give your home a complete EnergyStar makeover, from water to electrics. It makes an excellent selling point for green-conscious buyers, or even buyers just interested in lower utility bills.


How Much Green Does Your Lawn Need?


There’s great appeal in a vast, lush green lawn. However, grass – particularly turf grass, the species that makes up the majority of “lawn grass” in the United States – is notoriously thirsty, and notoriously fickle. Turf grass is the first plant to go when water isn’t plentiful, and its definition of “plentiful” is often a bit much. While you don’t have to give up your lawn to keep summer gardening manageable, you may consider scaling back on how much space you give to your turf grass. Expand your garden and install walkways, mulch, and stonework, and keep turf grass as a trimming, instead of a green blanket over your property – you’ll give your home uniqueness and beauty, and attract more buyers’ eyes.


Give Your Love to Water-Thrifty Plants, Not Water-Thirsty Plants


The secret to keeping your garden blooming strong, even in the driest weather, is to give your attention to less thirsty plants. Don’t worry – this doesn’t mean you’ve got to sacrifice any of your garden’s color. There are many species of plants native to the region that are both thrifty with water and beautifully colorful throughout the seasons: sages, day lilies, salvia, and baptisias are all options that will bathe your lawn and garden with beautiful blues, violets, and red-oranges. Keep your plants native, and you’ll find that your garden is a lot hardier. Non-native species may be lovely, but they can be immensely damaging to the local ecosystem, and you may wind up with some hefty fines on your head.


Keeping up with your home’s lawn and garden needs during the summertime months doesn’t have to be complicated with the right preparations on your side. Ask a drab-to-fab decorator for tips on beautifying your home, inside and out – you’ll get the expert tips and strategies you need to make your home a hot commodity on Hamilton Count’s summer real estate market. You’ll thank yourself later.