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3 Bathroom Design Trends That Are Here to Stay

Trends come and go, but some are simply the dawn of a new age of design. When you and your drab to fab Hamilton County real estate agent are looking to stage your home for sale, consider some of these designs that have been rocking the bathroom world. Not only will they add elegant looks and superior function to a room that sees heavy daily use, but they will set your home ahead of the pack in a buyer’s eyes.


Standing Showers: More Space Without Wall Destruction


A cramped room is always a hard sell, especially when the room in question is the home’s bathroom – and especially when it’s the bathroom that houses the shower facilities. More space is always better, but many home owners simply don’t have the money, desire, or appropriate home floor plan to start knocking out walls to give their bathroom a “real” expansion.


Standing showers are an excellent compromise. Their modern design is intensely attractive to today’s on-the go home buyers – really, do you have time to lounge around in the tub all day? – and installing one in place of your clunky, outdated tub will expand the room to the eye, if not by the yardstick. Some buyers may claim to miss having a bathtub, but a standing shower and all its beauty and convenience is hard to pass up for even the biggest tub-lover. Standing showers also add much-needed accessibility for seniors and the disabled, and are simply the most popular choice for a generation on the go.


Hot Hardware Trends


Stainless steel will always be a good choice for bathroom fixtures – but is it really the best choice? Other metals are taking the bathroom design world by storm, and you don’t want your home to be stuck in the past. Stylish chrome and brass hardware are the features du jour – not only are they a snap for cleaning and upkeep, but lend a modern feel to nearly any bathroom and home.


For walls and floors, attractive tiles in geometric designs are all the rage. Hot colors for 2015 include perennial favorites such as grays and whites, but can be dressed up with accent colors such as evergreen, or metallic tones like bronzes, golds, and chromes.


Go Green and Get Green Back


It’s an eco-conscious world out there, and installing bathroom fixtures that cater to these needs will please today’s buyers. Cutting-edge hardware such as energy-optimized lighting, smart showers and faucets, and water-efficient toilets will not only lend a hand to conservation efforts, but will also help your buyers take a big chunk out of their water bill – even buyers who aren’t interested in the green movement can’t pass on the idea of saving money.


For advice on the latest and greatest Hamilton County home staging trends, ask a drab to fab real estate agent – they’ll have the cutting-edge staging know-how to make your home stand out on the selling market, and get buyers lining up to sign.