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3 Bathroom Design Decisions That Will Send Potential Home Buyers Running for the Hills

3 Bathroom Design Decisions That Will Send Potential Home Buyers Running for the Hills


When it comes to home staging, one of the most overlooked rooms in a house is the bathroom. It’s strange – for a room where we spend a good part of our days, many home sellers don’t even think to give it a second glance when preparing their homes for sale. However, home buyers are a different story, and if your home’s bathroom design isn’t up to snuff, you’ll wind up losing out big time. Make sure your bathroom doesn’t fall into one of these categories when your home is up for sale.


Cramped Spaces Are a Hard Sell


No one wants to have to perform an Olympic gymnastics routine at the crack of dawn when they’re trying to prep for the day, and a cramped bathroom will all but demand it of your buyer. Knocking down walls for a proper expansion is often more trouble, time, and cash than many sellers are willing to invest, but you don’t need to call in the bulldozers to expand a cramped bathroom, even on a psychological level.


Replacing outdated and oversized elements with smaller, more modern designs will not only save on space, but will give your bathroom a clean, updated feel that buyers will love. Tear out that bathtub that takes up an entire wall and replace it with a stylish standing shower with glass walls, install smaller sinks, take out those shelves and cabinets that do nothing but eat up wall space – your buyers will notice, and they’ll be much more eager to excuse a lack of space by the numbers.


Well, It Was Stylish in the Seventies…


Twenty- and thirty-somethings are your target market for selling your home, especially in Hamilton County, where they remain the fastest-growing demographic. With that in mind, you want to appeal to them with a modern, stylish look. That’s easy enough to accomplish with a quick paint job and furniture staging in other rooms, but one look at your bathroom with its beige-and-brown tiling and plain white wall tub, and all your attempts at presenting a modern feel are out the window. Update your elements to appeal to the modern crowd, just as you would update elements in other rooms of the house. While these updates can involve more of a time and money investment than other examples of home staging, they provide a permanent boost to the resale value of your home in a way few other renovations can. (Plus, you can free yourself of that awful taupe paint job!)


Mold and Leaky Faucets Don’t Add Rustic Charm


Bathroom maintenance can sometimes feel like an uphill struggle, especially when you’re working with a foundation that was already less than ideal. However, the burden is still on you as the seller to give your buyer a product that they’re confident in. If your buyer calls in a plumber to inspect leaky or faulty pipes, what they find might wind up costing you big time if a price reduction is demanded. Keep one step ahead by taking these improvements into account when tearing out ugly tiling and bulky appliances, and you’ll be able to present a product that any buyer will chomp at the bit to buy. Contact a drab to fab interior designer to make sure you’re staying up to date on every hot trend.